Established in Henderson, North Carolina in 2011 Eaves Auction Company conducts merchandise sales; storage sales; tools, equipment and tractor sales and estate sales throughout the state. Give us a call today to schedule your sale!

Based in Henderson, NC and serving Louisburg, NC; Bunn, NC; Franklinton, NC; Oxford, NC; Durham, NC Raleigh, NC Lake Gaston, Lake Royale. Eaves Auction Company offers the most competitive rates no matter what kind of sale it may be. We have a large client list from the state and can not only bring our audience but provide a sale advertising strategy to garner the highest success rate for your sale. We can also buy your items outright and move them off the property if you are in a hurry. Bottom line, if you have, estates, tools, tractors, equipment, buildings or other items to sell and are interested in trying out an auction, or are in a hurry, simply give us a call today!

Below you can find a list of our upcoming sales. These consistently range from our second Saturday consignment and new product sales at the auction house to storage auctions, specialty auctions, estate auctions, etc. All of these depend on the time of year and scheduling. To make sure you never miss a sale, you can sign up for our email list at the top of this page, like our Facebook page, or add our "Eaves Auction Company" AuctionZip page to your account alerts.

Attending and bidding on items at sales ran by Eaves Auction Company is seamless with our fast paced style featuring up-to-date computerized systems. We provide all customers with fast check-in/out, permanent bidding numbers, catalogs featuring numbered items, and items on screen live throughout the sale. Overall it's our mission at Eaves Auction Company to assure that all our customers on all fronts are more than satisfied with our services. We're constantly working to make our customer experience better. If you have any suggestions be sure to tell us at one of our auctions or send us an email.