In-house sales by Eaves Auction company comes with all the amenities you can think of. All of our great services like fast check-in/outpermanent bidding numbersnumbered catalogs. When you sit down at our auction house you can expect to be in a spot where you can be seen by our auctioneer easily to make sure you never miss the opportunity to bid. Our house open hours before the sale so you can browse through items and flag them on your catalog to assure you never miss an item you're interested in. If you purchase something at our auction and it's a little heavy simply ask someone from our team and we can have you loaded as soon as possible. 

Once the sale is complete you can make payment via cash, or check. You also will receive a final printed receipt so it's easy to read later. This is all usually completed in a fast a courteous manner. 

In-House Sales

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